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Extensive Property Resale

Projects in Virginia

When you list your property for sale, we promise to use all our experience, skill and expertise to obtain the highest possible price for your property by providing the widest potential exposure to the most qualified buyers. Most sellers of prime property appoint an exclusive broker to sell their homes. An exclusive listing ensures that the seller will get maximum exposure to their residence through a customized marketing program and expert networking with other brokers, both locally & nationally.

Setting the Right price

First, our knowledge of the current real estate market allows us to accurately price your home with a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) to help evaluate the value of their home, including historical sales and the current availability of similar properties. As marketing experts, we will even offer suggestions as to how you might enhance the appearance of your apartment to help achieve the best sales price possible.

Selling Your Property

We are familiar with every aspect of your property. Every time your property is shown, we use digital lockboxes providing us data on each agent showing. Your agent involves you only as necessary, while shielding you from the endless details inherent in the selling process. We will answer all inquiries, screen all prospective buyers, and advise you as offers are made.

Closing The Sale

As offers are coming in your agent will send to you immediately to review.  We will insure all buyers approval letters are accurate as well as contact all buyers lenders to insure they are approved. In addition, because we know our business and the specific players involved in your deal, we can make your transaction proceed smoothly and rapidly as we negotiate and communicate with attorneys, mortgage brokers/bankers, appraisers, inspectors, and settlement personnel.

It is our goal is to insure all inspections and title work are done on time to prevent any delays in closing. 

Black Dog Real Estate LLC